Cardiac Surgery

Recent Advances In Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac surgery is the youngest allied surgical branch. Recently many new and important reports about advances in cardiac surgery have been reported. The new minimally invasive cardiac surgeries and ... read more
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Heart Valve Surgery

Heart valve repair or replacement is one of the most common open heart surgery done in present days. Commonest cause of heart valve disease is rheumatic heart diseases in childhood in our country. This ... read more

A New Way To Reach Your Heart

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery = Less Pain, Fast Recovery   Heart is a marvelous system, but it is very vulnerable to damage because of the things that we do to it such as smoking, eating an unhealthy ... read more

Bentall: A complex and high risk surgery

    First-of-its-kind ‘Bentall surgery’ performed for Rare Cardiac and Muscular-Skeletal Complications at RTIICS, Kolkata ~Complex & high risk surgery performed over eleven hours~ Rabindranath Tagore ... read more
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