12 Year Old Undergoes Hip Replacement Surgery at NH, Mysore

Early detection of Prostate Cancer means a better chance of cure

RTIICS Helps Wheelchair Bound Patient To Walk Again

Heart failure is not the end!

Q.1 What do you mean by Device Therapy for Heart failure? A. Heart Failure is a condition which predisposes for sudden cardiac death due to abnormal ventricular rhythms in conditions like ventricular ... read more

EXERCISE for a healthy HEART

One often discussed but seldom practiced topic is regular exercise for a healthy heart. While it applies to everyone in general, patients with pre-existing heart diseases and who have experienced heart ... read more


In simple terms Arthritis means inflammation of joints. Inflammation is characterised by pain, swelling, redness, and local warmth. Apart from Osteoarthritis, which is a non inflammatory cause of joint ... read more
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Fight Asthma, Breathe Easy

What is Asthma? Asthma is a chronic lung disease that involves the airways (windpipes), that carries air to and from your lungs. A patient with asthma finds it difficult to breathe when the airways are ... read more

Cancer and Its Prevalence in India

As India strides into the 21st century, the spectrum of disease has changed from mainly infectious diseases to more chronic disease (such as heart disease & diabetes), while cancer has assumed ... read more

Pain or No Pain?

What is probably the commonest cause of suffering for human being in medical science? Or what is the commonest fear for surgery? The answer is “pain”. But medical science is advanced enough to reduce the ... read more