A child can also be an organ recipient

Children, just like adults, are susceptible to organ failure that requires organ transplantation as treatment. The common organs that can be transplanted in children are kidneys and liver. Liver ... read more

Early Warning Signs of a Kidney Disease

Millions of people are living with various types of kidney diseases and most of them don’t even have the faintest idea about it. This is why Kidney disease is often known as a ‘Silent Killer’ as most ... read more

Let’s spread awareness about Brain Tumor

Every year 8th of June is celebrated as World Brain Tumor Day. This initiative was initially taken by German Brain Tumor Association and is now celebrated worldwide to raise awareness and educate people ... read more
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Don’t sleep over it – Sleep Apnea

It is a known fact that having a good amount and quality of sleep benefits the heart, weight, mind and body. It helps in energizing the whole system. However, unhealthy food habits and lack of physical ... read more
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Protect your little ones this Monsoon

Catching raindrops on your tongue, jumping over puddles, the adventure of wading in knee-deep water and a few extra school holidays. This is what kids wait for when the academic year begins with the onset ... read more
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