Cholesterol : its role in our body, cause of heart attack & diagnosis.

Cholesterol plays an important role in our body. It is needed to build cell membranes, insulate nerve fibers, and produce certain hormones. Liver produces all the cholesterol needed for our body. We also get cholesterol from diet (meat, eggs, and dairy products).
 Having too much cholesterol can lead to its build up in the wall of the arteries. Build up of cholesterol in arteries is called plaque. Over a period of time, this can lead to narrowing of arteries or blockage. If an artery supplying blood to heart is blocked completely, it can cause heart attack.
Many people are unaware that their cholesterol is high because it does not cause any symptoms. It can be easily detected with a blood test called lipid panel or lipid profile.
Talk to your doctor to see if you need your cholesterol checked, get an appointment :

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